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Join FutureRising, a platform for students, professionals and teachers across the creative industries.

Our careers network is free for individuals to connect, attend events, post content, showcase projects, learn skills and take work opportunities.

  • Students

    Find the right career, build your network and be introduced to employers.

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  • Graduates

    Gain experience, build your workplace skills and find the right job.

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  • Professionals

    Boost your skills, grow your network and become indispensable.

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  • Teachers

    Provide your students with inspiration, resources and industry contacts.

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We provide companies with direct access to the best talent in the UK, all year round.

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We help institutions increase the employability of their students through industry connections.

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Our mission

We want to bring education and the workplace together, for the benefit of students, professionals and teachers.

Focusing on the creative industries, our events and platform gives students and graduates the best careers advice, learning resources and work opportunities.

As a result of this, companies efficiently meet talent and universities increase the employability of their students.

All our work originates from the following principles:

  • To improve the quality of careers advice for all.

  • To increase diversity in the workplace.

  • To build a self sustaining careers network.

Our story

FutureRising was established in 2011, it was setup by Adam Oldfield and Donald Fogarty out of their own frustrations at getting a job. After lots of research, events, testing and focus groups we have grown to fully understand the gap between education and the workplace.

This has put us in a position to provide the tools that everyone needs to create, improve and define their careers. Thanks to investment from senior industry figures and partnerships with companies and universities, we are well on our way to providing a complete service centred around a free accessible platform.

Our current products and services are for the creative industries, expect us to expand on all fronts soon.