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Using the internet to build your career network

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9:00 AM | 3 April 2017
by Adam Oldfield
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Thanks to the internet, finding a job and networking with potential employers has never been easier. 

We meet lots of talented young people looking for their dream job every day here at FutureRising, but we’re often surprised by how many people aren’t making the most of the opportunities available online.

There are so many resources available online in search engines and social networks - all it takes is some time and consideration.

Here are some simple tips for those of you looking to land your first jobs, and those who want a career change.

Who can help you?

When we talk about a network, we’re referring to people you could contact about anything related to your career. Whether that’s mentors, contacts in companies, advice for interviews, or someone to help you through application questions.

If you haven’t already begun building your network, you should start to think about people who can help your career. 

Every industry professional will have been in your place once. Build a simple list of 5-10 people, (don't go too big otherwise you'll never crack it) and get in touch.

The internet is your best friend

You have the opportunity to connect with anyone online. You can use search engines, drop someone a note on Twitter, tag them on Instagram, track people down on Reddit, even WhatsApp or email is an option.

Don’t forget about all the communities available, whichever industry you want to work in, whether it’s the arts, film, fashion, marketing, gaming, advertising etc. 

There are people out there with lots of advice who have already made the steps you’re about to.

Plan it out

Think up a plan, build a list of people that can help you and think about what you could offer them back. 

People are busy, some may not want to help, but if you keep at it you will build a strong network that could stay with you for years to come.

Got any tips to building a strong careers network? Comment below or Tweet us!

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