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Understanding business can land you a job

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10:15 AM | 20 April 2017
by Adam Oldfield
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Everyone should understand business, or how one works. If you work in one you should understand it's purpose, services and revenue streams. Knowing these things will help you become more investible.

Many of the companies we work with at FutureRising prize those that can bring a commercial side to their game. 

Being a business owner myself, I look for this in people and would always rather hire someone that has already begun to think about how the business operates over someone who can’t think outside of their role.

You might not need business skills in your day-to-day life, but showing employers you have the appetite for helping the business succeed will help you win the job. You’ll show them you have the capabilities to go far in the business and that you’re invested in helping it grow.

What to do

Think about what things cost, understand how companies make their money and how you might create more revenue for the business, whether it’s new clients or introducing new revenue streams.

Learn business principles, find out about different business models that exist, how to manage teams and how to make projections. 

Try reading the top line results from a company’s performance for the last few years and think strategically about where a company might go.

Managing projects on the side can give you great business insight. Managing a project from scratch, having to build a product, liaise with clients, manage time, managing outgoings and delivery, will help you become more aware of what it takes to run a business.

In the future

When putting together your next cover letter, job application or tweaking your CV, don’t forget to bring up relevant examples that show off your knowledge of how a business works – it could just stand you apart from the rest.

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