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The next decade of advertising

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12:45 PM | 19 April 2017
by Christopher Thuesday
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Picture this: every advert you see from now on is personally catered to you. No more weird car insurance ads, funeral planning services, or PPI claims.

Well, this could very well be our future, with YouTube now allowing users to skip the ads advertisers are fixated on grabbing our attention within that all-important five-second window.

As a result, YouTube ads are becoming that little bit cleverer and funnier. With advertisers now able to follow how long their clips are being watched, they can gauge the success of their marketing more accurately than ever before.

This is just one advertising tactic that wasn't an option less than 10 years. Here are my predictions for what the future brings.


In 2015 Google produced its first wave of wearable technology, Google Glass. Even though its impact at this time wasn't significant, they definitely have the same potential to revolutionise communication as the smartphone.

The various smart watches now available can display text messages and emails, track your workouts and the weather, and play your music, but tech folks in the corners of Silicon Valley are no doubt planning for more.

It’s only natural that advertising will also integrate itself into wearable technology, though at the moment it's slow to get off the ground, it will only improve in time, and then in steps the pop-ups and five-second clips.

The decline of TV

With the dominance of streaming, downloading, and online catch-up platforms, what's the future for ol' satellite TV? Adverts on TV have always been pretty annoying, mostly irrelevant and interruptive to audiences, in this digital age TV will very likely not be able to keep up.

With different media and smart devices able to reach a broader audience and provide more relatable adverts, TV will fast become behind with the times.

There are massively anticipated TV advert events like John Lewis' Christmas campaign, or the halftime Superbowl ads that have become quite the phenomenon, but I doubt they'll be enough.

Of course, it'll be a while till every ad we see will be tailored to us, but it's surely only a matter of time.

For more advertising predictions, check out our piece on the future of AR with Blippar Brand Partnerships Director, Mikela Eskenazi.

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