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Staying motivated over the Easter holidays

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9:30 AM | 4 April 2017
by Hollie Wong
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You're almost there, just two months left, a few more hand-ins, and summer starts. Whether you're returning to university in September, or gone for good, these last two months matter.

Even though you know this last term is important, that might fade from your mind when your back with old school friends, taking a quick travel break, or having a hard binge-streaming day.

But staying motivated in these three weeks is really key. Third years will mostly have a dissertation or final project to finish off, while first and second years will likely have a terrifying amount exams to revise for.

It's vital to not lose focus once you're back in your home town again, so we've put together some tips to staying motivated when all you want to do enjoy the family-stocked fridge.

Create your space

Wherever you work best, at a desk, in bed, the library, on the sofa, carve out your own spot. You'll need space and privacy to really get into the working mindset and focus.

Even if you're working in your own room, that sometimes isn't enough as you may get distracted with tidying, or general procrastination tactics that'll distract you.

When writing my own dissertation on Easter break, I had to escape to the closest library as I simply couldn't focus in any room of my family home. So if needs be, travel to find your space.

Procrastination is inevitable

Whether at uni or at home, you will always find a way to procrastinate. From cleaning the kitchen to washing your clothes, when you've got a big assignment your house probably never looked cleaner.

But a little procrastination is good, you shouldn't be focused on one thing morning, noon, and night, you need space in order to think creatively and critically about your work.

So dedicate a couple of hours a day to getting out or doing nothing. Catch up on some of your shows, walk the dog, or hang out with some friends, as procrastination is always a bad thing.

Break things up

When surrounded by piles of work and drowning under different assignments and subjects it can all get a bit much. You don't know where to start and you feel like you'll never finish it so you might as well not start at all.

That's when you need to be breaking up all your big tasks into smaller more manageable chunks.

That horrible essay you've been dreading, focus on the plan for today, the intro tomorrow, the middle the next day and finishing touches after that. As long as you've given yourself time to do it, you don't need to finish it all in one sitting.

Freedom at last

Being at home again makes uni life feel like a whole other world away. Suddenly essays, presentations and exams don't feel as urgent. But reality check; they are.

To stay in that university mindset, structure your days like you would at university. The times you're normally in lectures, make sure you're revising or writing during these periods, if at uni you wake up at around 10 or 11 and still have plenty of time for work, do the same at home.

Though it may feel like you're finally free from the shackles of library fines and timetabled work, you're not really and you still have deadlines to meet.

The bigger picture

Whatever university year you're in, you've got so far to be where you are, so don't throw it away in these last few weeks.

This may sound dramatic - it's the last two months, what can really go wrong?

But the last two months of any university year is very often when the serious stuff goes down. Your dissertation, and second and third year exams directly impact your final grade, and your first year exams and assignments lead on to next year's lessons and classes.

Take it from someone who's degree grade rested on their dissertation, these last two months really matter and you need to use this three week break wisely.

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