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Minimalist portfolio packs a sweet treat

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9:30 AM | 18 May 2017
by Hollie Wong
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Some portfolios go to extreme lengths to impress. Well, this Graphic Designer certainly raised the bar.

Hayley Aroha’s unique shoebox-like portfolio contains plenty of goodies, a quirky CV and a business card. She mails the box to potential employers in the hopes of impressing them with her minimalist design.

"The goal was for it to be memorable, personal, innovative, unique, quirky, and to express me as a designer and a person."

Hayley Aroha

The clean light brown and white colour scheme create an upcycling quality, and with the pen actually made from recycled goods, Hayley's portfolio isn't just pleasing to the eye, but also environmentally thoughtful.

Inside the package is a fan-out CV, that recycled double-ended highlighter/pen, a personal note from Hayley, and a small jar of sweets able to treat 'Mondayitis'.

On the package, Hayley said: "This hand-crafted self-promotional leave-behind was created for when I started job hunting.

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