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Managing time between exams and dissertation

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9:45 AM | 9 May 2017
by Layla Lawson
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We all know it’s easier said than done, procrastination is a bitch, and we have all been at the mercy of its claws. So here's a little guide on how to best manage your time.


There is no real science to it, and different things work for different people. If you are doing your studies part-time, around work or other commitments, you may be equally busy and have to remain motivated in your studies over some years. So it's best to try and keep your priorities in check.

Making efficient use of your time is important. Contact time with your programme staff may vary, and independent study will be a part of your learning experience, especially during your dissertation.

Planning and putting thought into how you organise your time so that you can accommodate your studies, work and personal life will help you towards attaining the balance between your studies and life, and reaching your goals.


The truth is most students won't. Good time management is not just about organising your time; it is also about using the time effectively and efficiently.

It's not that hard when you allocate time to study, do. There is no point filling up your online baskets or binge watching Game of Thrones three weeks before your deadline. You might regret it

A neat trick is timing your self. You may find, you are not achieving what you want because you are not doing it.

Once you have identified what disrupts your workflow - procrastinating or distractions - consider how you can remove or minimise these.


Figure out when you are most effective and when you are not. There is no point starting at 7 am if you don't kick into it until midday. Work with the language of your body. It's not only important to get the best out of your degree and masters, but it's also important you learn the best way to do it as well.


Your thesis will take up a lot of your time, and you may have other course and home commitments at the same time. It is useful to consider how much of your time you will have to invest in your dissertation - consider all the different stages and assessing how long they will take.


Resting or taking time out is imperative. Overworking your brain will only do more harm than good, so understanding when to stop and chill, or task swap will boost your productivity.

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