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How to use these last two months of university

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9:00 AM | 7 April 2017
by Hollie Wong
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Any time at uni is tough - whether it's freshers, exam season, or those pesky student elections, things pile up and your life suddenly feels like it's moving at 100 mph.

But the last two months for any university student somehow really manages to knock you for six. So to put you at ease, I've gathered some of my best advice for every student.

First year students

I don't agree with those who say first year is a walk in the park, that's complete rubbish. Adjusting to a new setting, new friendship groups, and new workload is a massive task.

Half of you probably can't wait for the summer to start, while the other half can't think past your upcoming exam season.

To survive and to thrive at uni are two very different things, and these last two months is what sets them apart.


To thrive you need to get revising, finish those last assignments, prep for those summer placements and even book a holiday with the last if your student loan (if you should be so lucky).

But it's important to not over do things. Yes of course use these last few months to push yourself, but cut yourself some slack and remember that first year isn't the be all and end all of your university career; it's also a time for forming friendships and finding your feet.

Second year students

This is always the year that flies by, you feel at home in your new student digs, have great friends and though uni has pushed you, things feel a tiny little more manageable because you're not getting quite as lost around your uni campus.

Like first years you're prepping for last exams and assignments, but it's the move to third year that's really getting you scared.

To me at the end of second year, the word 'dissertation' felt like a scary nightmare that would never quite come true. My oh my was I wrong.


Whether it's a final year project, dissertation, or both, it's like taking a frying pan to the face. So of course put most of your energy into finishing off second year on a high, but don't leave without prepping a little for next year.

Use these last two months to also consider what you enjoy writing, reading and generally learning about. You can then tailor your projects and dissertation to this in the third year and make things a little more bearable.

Third year students

I know I've already interrupted a dissertation meltdown session with this article and you're thinking what could I possibly squeeze into these last two months?

The dissertation worry has probably blown all your job worries out of the water at the moment, and unless you really have the time I wouldn't recommend applying for some in the midst of you final project or dissertation.


But I would say that when you've got some down time, or even work time but you can't bear to look at your diss or project, research your industry and the potential jobs you could go for in the future.

Just familiarising yourself with your industry goes a long way, and it can easily be done alongside your studies.

Whether you're first, second, or third year, we've got advice for you, and if you have any tips for all the uni students out there, comment below or Tweet us!

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