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How can I put my CV onto one page?

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16:30 PM | 18 May 2017
by Tijen Butler
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Employers look for one page CVs so we have compiled five top tips to help you easily shorten your CV. 

So, how is it possible to fit all your vital information onto a one page CV?

1: Say goodbye to waffle

Keep your sentences simple and to the point. Be sure not to type endlessly, repeating the same point. Remove any extra information that doesn’t reflect exactly what you can do for the employer who will be reading.

2: Use bullet points

The best way to avoid waffling is to bullet point your past experiences, skills and education, followed with the most important and relevant examples. Bullet points will make you stand out, and you can create two columns to save space and briefly highlight what you’re trying to express, such as your key skills.

3: Out with the old, in with the new

Cut out your out-dated information such as old school grades or irrelevant work experiences (such as a part-time paper shift when you were 16). Even when it comes to your most relevant skills, education and experiences, remember, you can leave some things out and still discuss them in your cover letter or interview.

4: Consider the layout

Whether you create your CV in Word or Adobe InDesign, the layout can make a big difference in its length. Consider your spacing, margin sizes and font sizes.

5: Submit your work as a PDF

If you do create your CV in Word, save it as a PDF, unless otherwise advised. This is because the Word layout can be distorted when the employer reads it. It may become longer than one page after sending it, even if it fit onto one originally.

Need more advice on how to write a CV? We have the perfect CV guide for you.

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