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Genius pizza resume is the best thing you'll see today

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9:30 AM | 28 April 2017
by Hollie Wong
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Everyone loves pizza right?

Well Communication Designer, Zvina Luke went a step further and decided to incorporate her love of pizza into her job search.

Using the medium of textiles, Zvina created a faux pizza CV featuring toppings made from the logos of software she can use, and also printed a longer list of skills on a fake paper receipt she made.

Zvina's genius made an awesome impact, with CNBC calling her CV, 'one of the most creative ever seen'.

Zvina has a plenty of tips for those who want to undertake a project like this.

She says: "Thinking ahead will save you time from making mistake. Making a small trial version first is time consuming but it guarantees the best result.

"Push through it anyway if you are in doubt, solve the problems along the way is fun like putting a puzzle together."

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