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Five things you can do after uni

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10:15 AM | 13 April 2017
by Hollie Wong
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You've done it, you've handed in the dissertation, finished your tenancy with the worst estate agents ever, and spent every penny of that student loan - university life has actually come to an end.

You're mournful, but mostly hungover, and then it hits you - what do I do now?

Some of you will have maybe some freelance work to be done, placements to get to, or even a job already sorted. But for those of you who tried to brainstorm your next steps but were distracted by work or a £1 Jägerbomb, we're here to help.

Get a job

For most of you this will be top of the bill. If you're really prepared you'll have already started applying for suitable positions and will be readying yourself for some interviews.

There's no magic trick to getting a job after uni, but it certainly helps to have industry experience and contacts.

Employers want to see that you've been working outside of your uni course and that you've applied your skills gained in university to actual industry experience.

"There's no magic trick to getting a job post-uni, but it helps to have industry experience and contacts."

So if you're applying to tens of places but not hearing anything back, you need to beef up your CV or portfolio with more experience.

Industry contacts and networking is equally important here. Getting your foot in the door in any creative industry is very difficult and so if you're really driven towards a certain role or company, utilise every contact you have.

Getting in touch over the phone, on email, or even on LinkedIn, will help develop a professional relationship with your industry contact and they may remember your name, instead of your competition's, when a job opportunity comes up.

Internship or grad scheme

Many of you may find you're qualified for one half of the job, but not the other. You're missing some key skills needed to crack the industry and get your first post-uni job.

This is where internships and grad schemes come in. They're a great opportunity to get industry experience, learn vital skills, and make industry connections.

This is probably the best way to go if you don't have a large network or want to grow your portfolio of work further.

It's also a great option for those who don't quite feel ready for a full time job and want to learn the ropes a little better before they dive straight in.


We all have a dream destination we're desperate to explore, well after uni it doesn't have to a be a far away dream anymore.

If you haven't got a job or internship then you've got nothing really holding down, it could be the perfect time to see the bit of the world you always wanted to.

"Travelling also opens up more doors than people think."

Of course you need to take money into account but there are so many cheap travel options available now, from interrailing to budget airlines, it's never been easier to get away.

Travelling also opens up more doors than people think, you could find work, build a new network, or even just learn some useful life lessons.

Go back to an old place of work

Before you came to uni you may have had a decent bar, restaurant, or retail job that could always be an option.

It may feel frustrating to go back after all that you did at uni, but it'll be a good bit of money to keep you in float while you're looking for new opportunities.

Being in a job while looking for new work can weigh on your time, but more often than not it'll help you stick to a routine and give you some time to really think about what you want.

Take a breath

It's okay if you don't have anything sorted. Plenty of people will tell you it's not and the panic will set in, but just because you don't have a job a week after uni, doesn't mean you're a failure.

"Take your time with career decisions, only you and you alone can make them."

You don't have to rush into any career or job you don't really want, and if anything this will only make you unhappy and miserable.

It's really important to take your time with career decisions, and only you and you alone can make them.

If you're looking for career opportunities, check out our jobs page, or if you're still figuring our what industry you want to explore, head to our career guides - We've got great opportunities and advice for students and graduates!

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