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Are you a clock watcher?

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12:00 PM | 11 April 2017
by Adam Oldfield
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It’s been some time since I sat at work and followed the second hand around the dial. The last time I remember doing it was at an insurance company after completing college.

The work was repetitive and slow, there was no spontaneity and the job was generally dull and robotic.

I think I'd find it hard to go back to something like this now. So when I talk to people and hear about the jobs they wish they weren't doing, my reaction to them is find something more challenging and fun.

They tend to acknowledge this, but say it’s never that easy - ‘it takes time’, ‘it’s hard to find something I’ll like’, ‘I don’t want to take a pay cut’.

I understand all these barriers but I’d still suggest it’s better to take that time out now to figure out what’s important, get a solid plan in place and take that initial pay cut to find a more enjoyable position.

If money is the real issue find something on the side to fund your lifestyle or make some simple adjustments to your spending habits for a little while.

Then between finding that job you really want, think about the ways you can improve your time in that position; perhaps getting through all the dull work first thing every day so you can focus on better things.

Or if it’s a repetitive role, perhaps you could use the time to improve other skills: writing, learning a language, listening to audio books and podcasts around the area you do want to work.

You’ll become inspired very quickly to push on with your plan and move away from those dull hours of work.

If you do find yourself checking the clock, perhaps it’s time to reflect on what you are doing and think about what you're really passionate about… go for it!

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