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Students redesign Skittles for the colour blind

The colourful and creative marketing of Skittles is turned on its head when you think about it from the perspective of someone with colour blindness.

  1. Do I have the right skills for this job?

    Getting the right job is important, and so you must consider how the skills you have will help you land your dream job. Here's a few tricks.

  2. Why exams shouldn’t matter (Even though they do)

    Success isn't always achieved through getting great results in at school and Uni. Some of the world's most successful people didn't go to either.

  3. Contemporary tribute to father of modern printing

    Spanish design studio BLOCD have paid tribute to the father of modern printing with a sweet treat.

  4. Character traits that could be holding you back from achieving your goals

    No matter what your goals are, these common characteristics could be holding you back from achieving your aims.

  5. Understanding business can land you a job

    Whichever career you’re after, understanding how a business operates and having a thirst for knowledge can help you land a job and impress potential employers.

  6. Students tackle violence against women in H&M campaign

    One in three women in the world have experienced domestic violence, these Miami Ad school students want to help.

  7. The next decade of advertising

    Google glass, personalised advertising, and streaming have royally messed with the advertising industry, what's next?

  8. Follow the pen: Shantell Martin's eye-catching artwork

    In the busy world of art, Shantell Martin has carved herself a unique place.

  9. Minimalist portfolio catches the eye

    They always say less is more. Well this Freelance Graphic Designer's Portfolio really hits the mark.

  10. Five things you can do after uni

    It's not all about getting that high-flying London job, there are so many other options out there.

  11. Alex Burmaster, Co-founder, Meteor

    As Co-Founder of PR agency, Meteor, Alex Burmaster shares his experiences of going from freelancer, to big business, to his very own start-up.

  12. Are you a clock watcher?

    Have you found yourself counting down the hours, minutes, even seconds ‘till you can leave work? Perhaps it’s time for a career change.

  13. Being a woman in the music industry

    As a Music Business student, I can see how the music industry is slowly embracing equality, but it's still tough at the top.

  14. How to use these last two months of university

    The last two months of university will be full of stress, here's how to get through it all.

  15. Scattered narratives

    With attention spans getting ever shorter, Jeremy Garner, Creative Director at OgilvyOne, asks how advertisers can keep you tuning in.

  16. Book review: How To Draw Type and Influence People: An Activity Book

    This fun and engaging activity book comes from the mind of graphic designer and author Sarah Hyndman.

  17. Don’t be afraid to freelance

    Freelancing can be a daunting step for anyone so here's some tips to make that step whether it's during study or on the side of full time work.

  18. Staying motivated over the Easter holidays

    You're almost there, just two months left, a few more hand-ins and summer starts, but use these three weeks wisely.