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Artist Anna Lomax combines the bold and the beautiful

Anna Lomax, artist and designer combines weird and wonderful objects to complete her vision.

  1. I am not a robot

    The best way to prove you are 'Not a Robot' is to prove you are 'a Human' - that's the message these students want to send.

  2. What makes a great cover letter?

    Cover letters are vital in applications. It’s one of the first things employers see, so you must make yourself stand out. How can you do that?

  3. How to stand out at your internship

    You have finally been accepted for your dream internship, but how do you stand out from the crowd?

  4. How can I put my CV onto one page?

    Employers look for one page CVs so we have compiled top tips to help you easily shorten your CV.

  5. FutureRising's Playlist: Friday Office Feeling

    For this week's playlist in our Spotify series, we're the soundtrack to your office fun with the 'Friday Office Feeling' playlist.

  6. Building music the Lego way

    Art Director, Brad Clymer, combines the beauty of music with the playful fun of Lego to create an in-store experience called Lego Song Builder.

  7. Minimalist portfolio packs a sweet treat

    Some portfolios go to extreme lengths to impress. Graphic Designer, Hayley Aroha, has raised the bar again.

  8. Siri recorder to help abuse victims

    The main issue that stops gender violence from reporting is fear. Miami Ad students Rodrigo Dominguez and Elena Hernandez want to stop this.

  9. Realities of post-university for an international student

    Recent graduate Bunga Runtunuwu reflects on the troubles international students may have after graduating of landing a job immediately.

  10. Sewn together

    German Print Designer, Bianca Bunsas has created a portfolio with more of a homemade and personal touch than usual.

  11. Managing time between exams and dissertation

    Between procrastination and deadlines, most of us find ourselves in a battle to get things done. Don't worry, we got your back.

  12. Retro cinema is charming nostalgic branding

    From the minds of Kuba Pechota and Fromsquare Studios, the Wroclaw American Film Festival will touch the hearts of every film lover.

  13. Portfolio pinball

    Graphic Designer, Yonju Kim, used a creative pinball promo to launch new portfolio .

  14. Maternity clothes recycled for refugee families

    Mother 4 Mother is the student-designed campaign connecting refugees with the women of Europe.

  15. Be confident going into a job interview

    Sometimes we get butterflies before an interview, here are a couple reasons why you shouldn't.

  16. Genius pizza resume is the best thing you'll see today

    Everyone loves a bit of Photoshop sprinkled on their pizza right? Zvina Luke certainly does.

  17. Students redesign Skittles for the colour blind

    The colourful and creative marketing of Skittles is turned on its head when you think about it from the perspective of someone with colour blindness.

  18. Do I have the right skills for this job?

    Getting the right job is important, and so you must consider how the skills you have will help you land your dream job.