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Miami Ad School Europe, graduate Eszter Kazinczy took the job hunt one step further to get the attention of creative directors.

  1. Does a planner need a portfolio?

    Planner, David Adamson of Fallon London outlines why portfolios are not just for creatives anymore but that planners should also carry one to promote themselves.

  2. Lee Hart, Graphic Designer

    Lee is a graphic designer based in West Yorkshire and currently studying a BA (Hons) in Graphic Media Design. After completing his degree Lee wants to forge a career in a digital design.

  3. The importance of advertising in today’s society

    Second year English Literature and French Language student Imogen Allan explores how advertising drives us as individuals and our society.

  4. Becoming an advertising creative | Alice Burton, Creative, RKCR/Y&R

    Alice Burton, Creative at RKCR/Y&R walks through how she landed a job in advertising as a creative.

  5. How does an average day pan out for an activation manager?

    Owen Lee, Activation Manager at Starcom walks us through a typical day working within the activation team.

  6. Things I learnt on my internship at Mindshare

    Advertising student Noviana Mona Chandra reflects on her internship at media agency Mindshare and picks out five things for anyone interested in following a career in media.

  7. Is experience vital to landing a job in advertising?

    Deputy Head of Account Management at Leo Burnett, Lindsey George explains why it’s vital to gain experience to demonstrate your passion.

  8. Richard Ogley, Head of Digital, Sky Creative

    In this talk at Falmouth University, Sky’s Richard Ogley shares his journey after studying design to now working in digital at Sky.

  9. Oxford QUICKtionary

    Miami Ad School students have created the QUICKtionary, a fun way to learn new words and bring Oxford Dictionaries up-to-date.

  10. Think + Make + Refine + Iterate

    James Hurst's (Digital Creative Director, DesignStudio) inspiring talk about design and branding at Winchester School of Art.

  11. Benefits of creative education

    Noami Vowles delves into some of the reasons behind taking a leap of faith and studying what you love.

  12. David Parke, Modern Languages, Cambridge University

    Multitalented student, David Parke shares his experiences and ambitions for working in the creative industries.

  13. How will marketing shape up in 2015?

    Justice James writes about the trends she expects to see spread across the digital and marketing industry in 2015.

  14. Is content marketing the key to a successful christmas advert?

    What do John Lewis, Sainsbury's, M&S, Waitrose and Boots have in common? Justice James explores their Christmas ads.

  15. How many placements should a creative go on?

    Table 19's Kieran Child talks about his creative placement experience.

  16. How I won the Mindshare Huddle brief

    Lars Bjornbakk talks about how he came up with his winning idea around contrafactual thinking to present at Mindshare's Huddle Conference.

  17. Kieran Child, Art Director, Table 19

    Table 19’s Kieran Child talks about his recent journey into being an art director in the advertising industry.

  18. Colleen Merwick, Account Planner, BD Network

    Colleen Merwick an account planner at BD Network shares her journey from working in creative to brand strategy departments.