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August Östberg, Creative, AKQA

August Östberg is currently a creative fellow at AKQA’s New York office, after winning the 2014 Future Lions competition with two of his team mates.

  1. How to take feedback as a designer?

    Graphic designer, Luke Thompson from Jones Knowles Ritchie, talks about being open to feedback when it comes to working in the creative industry.

  2. 12 Rules of Modern Account Management

    Aaron Cole, founding partner at Semaphore London, shares his top 12 rules of modern account management.

  3. What is the best way to learn code?

    Ben Doran, Head of Technology at Lowe Profero, talks about the best way to learn how to code and what you shouldn't be doing.

  4. Greg & Mike, Art Director & Copywriter, FCBInferno

    Greg & Mike make up a traditional art director and copywriter creative team, and are currently working at FCBInferno. Here's what they had to say at a recent event.

  5. Kelly Jolliff, RAW Intern, Rufus Leonard

    Kelly Jolliff is currently a RAW intern at Rufus Leonard, with an ambition to work in advertising.

  6. Rosie Pond, Advertising Student, Bournemouth University

    Rosie Pond is a Advertising student at Bournemouth University, currently on a 6 month internship at Wunderman in London.

  7. Hollie Belton, Creative, Leo Burnett

    Holly Belton spoke at our Creative Showcase event to share her 21 top tips about advertising.

  8. How should a 3D designer prepare for an interview?

    Leon de Ste Croix head of 3D Brand Design at JKR, talks about how a 3D designer should prepare for an interview.

  9. Rockeum Shin, advertising student, Bournemouth University

    Rockeum Shin is an advertising student at Bournemouth University who's passion is in planning, currently on placement at Platinum Property Partners.

  10. Chromebook Type

    Elton Rhee, Ludvig Pehrson and Luis Meyer, submitted Chromebook Type to Cannes Future Lions. A self-powered laptop whose keys are installed with Piezo-Electric nanogenerators that create energy from the pressure of typing.

  11. How to pitch your portfolio to agencies?

    Art Director, Kieran Child shares the best ways to pitch a creative advertising portfolio to an agency.

  12. Last year of uni a.k.a The end of dreams.

    Tom Carter an advertising student at Falmouth University shares his thoughts on the prospect of finishing his final year in university.

  13. Ricky Richards, Creative Director, Fobi

    Ricky Richards spoke at our Creative Showcase event to depart his top tips for talent looking to enter the creative industries.

  14. Be Icon-ic

    Icon designer Remi Rechtman has created a fantastic portfolio, branding himself as a designer.

  15. How important is a knowledge of coding?

    Ben Doran, the Head of Technology at Lowe Profero talks about how important a knowledge of coding is in todays creative jobs.

  16. Suraj Chauhan, creative advertising, Leeds College of Art

    Suraj Chauhan is currently working with Three Thinking Co whilst studying creative advertising at Leeds College of Art.

  17. A slice of pie: my first impressions of interning at BrandPie

    The first part in a series of articles about my experiences as a summer intern at branding agency, BrandPie.

  18. What does a 3D designer do?

    Leon de Ste Croix, Head of 3D brand design agency, jones knowles ritchie, talks about the role of a 3D designer.