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What is it like working in advertising?

Charlotte Wheatley, Account Executive at Proximity London, on the variety of people in the advertising world.

  1. Being a player in new business

    RKCR/Y&R's George Bartlett talks about the role of new business in an agency and gives some tips for anyone wanting to work there.

  2. Book review – Fifty Years of Illustrations

    We had a look at the new book "Fifty Years of Illustration" by Lawrence Zeegen and Caroline Roberts. Should you get yourself a copy?

  3. What's your process when working on a creative advertising brief?

    Grey London's Pete Giblin on how to tackle creative briefs.

  4. How can you find an internship or work experience?

    Founded's Asad Shaykh on the importance of building relationships to find work and other opportunities.

  5. How to get the job you want (without annoying the employer in the process)

    Justice James gives three simple tips to help you land your dream job.

  6. 5 things you should see this week

    The very best FutureRising has to offer from the last week. Plus stuff something from around the web.

  7. Why is it important to be yourself?

    Jeremy Garner on why pretending to be something you're not won't work.

  8. Rob Campbell, Head of Strategy, Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai

    We grabbed an interview with Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai's Head of Strategy Rob Campbell. Full of brilliant advice for students and graduates.

  9. Preparation H adverts with a tiny difference

    Some wonderful adverts for Preparation H by Miami Ad School students.

  10. What is the importance of networking?

    Owen Lee, Senior Activation Executive at Starcom, discusses why you should be getting out there and networking.

  11. Does studying a creative course give you an advantage?

    It's not necessary to study a creative course to get into the creative industries. But if you don't, you should listen to this valuable advice from Tom Wood.

  12. The Holler Intern Lucky Dip

    Tom Carter discusses his latest self-promotional ploy, a goodie fuelled lucky dip for his colleagues at Holler.

  13. Should advertising have boundaries?

    Justice James on the topic of shockvertising and Northern Ireland's DoE advert. Does it cross the line?

  14. 5 more things you should know before getting a job as a creative in advertising

    Advertising legends Laura Jordan Bambach, Flo Heiss, Steve Henry, Rosie Arnold and Tim Lindsay give their best advice to young creatives.

  15. 5 things you should see this week

    The very best FutureRising has to offer from the last week. Plus something from around the web.

  16. What's involved in tackling a new media brief?

    Starcom's Elspeth Spelzini gives advice for taking on new digital media briefs.

  17. Bates 'n' Moir, Creative Team, Falmouth University

    Falmouth University creative team Bates 'n' Moir talk to us about their aspirations in the advertising industry.

  18. Fight for what is worthy

    Noviana Chandra on the importance of persistence to get into the creative industries.