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Fiona Hazell, Director of Communications and Engagement, Breast Cancer Now

Director of Communications and Engagement at Breast Cancer Now, Fiona Hazell, discusses the story behind the recent merger of two charities (Breast Cancer Campaign and Breakthrough Breast Cancer) and their rebranding process.

  1. Watch for Nepal

    Miami Ad School students create an innovative way of donating to charity, by turning YouTube adverts that you would normally skip, into something that can change lives.

  2. Simplify

    Frederico Roberto, Associate Creative Director at VML London, stresses the importance of simplicity when working on campaigns.

  3. Andy Montgomery, Group Business Director, OMD International

    Andy Montgomery, Group Business Director at OMD International, talks about his role in the Global Investment Team.

  4. Introduction to MediaMath

    MediaMath are a global leader of technologically led marketing, and a new FutureRising member. Here's an overview of what they do, the opportunities they have to offer.

  5. Book review: Fashion School Survival Guide by Ezinma Mbonu

    We take a look at Ezinma Mbonu’s new book Fashion School Survival Guide (Laurence King Publishing, 2015) an essential handbook for the aspiring fashion designer.

  6. What is packaging design?

    Luke Thompson, a Graphic Designer from Jones Knowles Ritchie, talks about what’s involved with packaging design.

  7. Minecraft Rebuild

    Miami Ad School students take gaming to a whole new level with their Minecraft Rebuild campaign.

  8. What is life like at M&C Saatchi?

    Former creative duo Philip Bock and Morten Schmidt from Copenhagen talk about what life was like at M&C Saatchi, London.

  9. Pitch Perfect: a creative guide to pitching and briefs as a young creative

    Kieran Child, Art Director at Table19 shares some advice about pitching your ideas in the advertising industry.

  10. Csilla Kulcsar, Graduate, Middlesex University

    Csilla Kulcsar is graduate from Middlesex University whose biggest achievement so far has been working with London & Partners as an international student ambassador.

  11. What are the benefits of big and small agencies?

    Ricky Richards, Creative, Art Director and Founder of Design & Innovation studio FOBI, talks about the benefits of working in big and small agencies.

  12. Khamisi Mckenzie, Co-founder, Three Halves

    Khamisi Mckenzie co-founder of Three Halves, talks to us about not listening to the advice he was given, and what it was like setting up his own business after graduating from uni.

  13. Airbnb: Be Someone Else

    Another brilliant entry for the 2015 D&AD New Blood from: Kimberly Ong, Akarad Tachavatcharapa, Zarina Mendoza and George Widodo. Their idea, put simply, changes the perspective of travel in the sense of how and why.

  14. Tommy Lai, Creative Advertising, Bucks New University

    Tommy Lai is a creative advertising student at Bucks New University, who is now on a copywriting internship with Wunderman Singapore.

  15. Me, Me, Me

    Self promotion is simply a clever way to talk about yourself, and the self promotion done by this design studio gives more than enough reason to talk about 'Me ,'.

  16. Which programs are key to learning 3D design?

    Leon de Ste Croix, head of 3D Brand Design at JKR, talks about which programs are key to 3D designers.

  17. Four obvious pieces (and one not-so-obvious piece of advice) on starting your career brilliantly

    Heidi Hackemer, founder of Wolf & Wilhelmine, offers some advice on starting out in the creative industry.

  18. Will Awdry, Creative Director, Big Fish

    Will Awdry, Creative Director, Big Fish, a multi-disciplinary branding, design and marketing consultancy based in London, joined us at our most recent Leeds College of Art event.