What if books had epic movie-like trailers?

Students from New York's Miami Ad School explore the idea of promoting books the way films are marketed.

  1. Where do you find inspiration?

    Starcom's Owen Lee lists the best places to find inspiration and why it's important to keep a broad range of interests and hobbies.

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    Creative team Stenwall & Kremer chat to us about their experiences and inspirations in creative advertising.

  3. Simplicity and style: a lovely graphic design CV and portfolio

    A nicely conceived self-promotion piece from Indonesian graphic designer Jatidiri Ono.

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    Read this before you take a "creative" job and you may be able to avoid taking a role you don't like.

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  7. 5 things you should know before getting a job as a creative in advertising

    Industry legends Dave Trott, Rosie Arnold, Simon Veksner, Vicki Maguire and Dave Buonaguidi give advice to young creatives.

  8. The ECD Placement Swap – Stand up to Cancer

    A raffle to win the best placement team around, consisting of 4Creative's ECD's Chris Bovill & Jon Allison. All proceeds go to Cancer Research.

  9. How do you approach a new project?

    Vilma Grosgbera talks about new projects

  10. Why I decided to do a Masters

    Thinking of doing a Masters but can't make up your mind? Lars Bjørnbakk discusses why he chose to do one.

  11. 9 ways to stay creative while working in media

    Csilla Kulcsar's tips on staying creative.

  12. What's the day-to-day life as a creative director?

    Jeremy Garner on the important role of a creative director and what there role is within a creative agency.

  13. Sell yourself (not your soul) – Frederico Roberto, Jam London

    Frederico Roberto's (Creative Director at Jam) inspirational talk at the SheSays Young & Awesome showcase.

  14. What I've learned as a female in the advertising industry – Kat Hahn, R/GA London

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  16. Why is it important to meet people?

    Meeting people face to face is best. Eddie Tomalin, Digital Marketing Manager at Unruly Media explains why.

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