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Careers advice

Working with industry, we have put together a series of creative industries career guides. You can discover careers, find out how to land a job and how to make the most of opportunities.

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Unsure about which career to take. We have a short careers quiz that will recommend the industry and department most suited to you based on your interests and experiences.

Free Careers Guide

Career inspiration and advice to nail that dream job.

  • Industry guides including roles, departments and companies.
  • We asked industry legends for their advice on building a career.
  • We’ve compiled 33 things you should do to stand out and make sure you land your dream job.


We’ve pulled together advice from hundereds of sources. Read these guides to prepare yourself for applying to jobs and working in the creative industries.

  1. Online

  2. Research

  3. CV

  4. Portfolios

  5. Self

  6. Writing

  7. Networking

  8. Covering

  9. Contacting

  10. Interviews

  11. Briefs

  12. Blogging

  13. Websites

  14. Definitions


Experiencing the work place is important to make sure a job is right for you. We’ve outlined the difference between opportunities, how to find them and how to make the most of them.

  1. Internships

  2. Placements

  3. Grad schemes

  4. View job opportunities