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We Believe in

  • Improving the quality of creative careers advice for all young people whilst giving them a chance to realise their creative potential and become future leaders of the creative industry.
  • Connecting talent and employers efficiently. Making sure young people and employers are ready by connecting them through our events, platform and community.
  • Increasing the diversity in the creative industries. Ensuring we, as a nation produce the best creative ideas for years to come with talent from all kinds of backgrounds.
  • Building a self sustaining network for the UK creative industries.

Our story

FutureRising has been running for over four years, it was setup by Adam Oldfield and Donald Fogarty out of their own frustrations at getting into the creative industries. After lots of research, testing and feedback we completely understand the gap between education and the workplace in the creative industries.

Starting as a group of 10 people writing a Careers advice blog, we have since worked with hundreds of professionals and teachers to deliver events and online content to thousands of students around the world.

This platform is designed to bring together everyone who is passionate about the creative industries in the UK. It will increase active members chances of employment by making them workplace ready, building their connections and giving them a full understanding. It will enable employers to efficiently connect and engage with talented young people. It will help teachers deliver the education and skills they provide to their students.

Many thanks to the hundreds of people who have contributed to FutureRising's success so far and welcome to the thousands that will be a part of the next step.